Friday, 16 September 2016

The bee people

Early in the morning just when the bell rang for learning time two VIP people called Kathy and Dan came to teach the importance of bees. They told the class important stuff that involved bees like their wings move 200 times in 1 second.’WOW’ I said. The class all gasped with shock. After a while we got split up into two groups . My group went with Dan. We got to play with the bee box. We got to taste  honey. “Yum’ I said. Then I got to taste the wax. “Yuck” I said. Then we tried on the equipment. Then we swapped to see what Kathy had waiting for us.We got to see a lot of bees in the glass box. We all saw the queen bee because she was big and she had a white dot on her head. Then we got a little gift. They were awesome gifts! Then we all said thank you for coming here.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

As fast as the wind


WALT: Expand our vocabulary  by finding the meaning our unknown words.

Title: As fast as the wind

By Jan Trafford

It about a little boy called Te Aho an the has a big day tomorrow but he can’t sleep cause the wind is blowing. The room is dark except for a circle of moonlight on the wall and when the moon comes out from behind the cloud there's picture. One of the pictures was that he say a boy holding a brown chicken in strong  wind running.The next day he went to school and tried out for rugby he didn’t want to do at first but he did and he got a goal. When he got home and Koro waiting at the gate. He chatted with Te Aho say like how was school.Then he went into his room and he saw a    picture scoring his first goal.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The sticky glue stick

                                       I am looking in my pencil case at the glue stick

                                       The label glows bright yellow like the sun.

                                           The lid is like a tiny plastic cup

                                             It is sticky  as a lip balm

                                       The glue is messy a kind of honey

                                        The stick  is long and  thick

                                        The winder is  a mini wheel.