Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Popping candy

Popping candy

I see Broken crystals. The sight is like green crushed up rocks.

I hear fireworks in my mouth. It sounds like its popping and exploding.

I smell jelly, It smells like sweet candy.
I touch   hard rocky pieces, It feels like hard nut shells. 
 I taste  Jelly and Rock candy. It taste wonderful!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

!Super Sheep!

                                            !Super sheep!


    WOW! shouted all the sheep cheering for super sheep. They          were all watching him rock climb. He was amazing He could   climb,swim and Sky dive.He was awesome, One day he broke his leg  and there was a triathlon coming up.So he did it any way. He was having so much fun but he was coming forth. So he sprinted to the front. He  was in the lead  but he tripe up and he came second place. He sat by him self in a tree and Cried with his sadness alone.