Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Swimming day!!!

The Swimming day!!!

   Hi people reading my this.
 I am going to tell you about my swimming day. It was so much exciting. We were learning two lessons .First lessons we had to fall back like you fell of a boat or something. Next we had to turn into a mush rum so if you fall off something high you will protect your body. Then we can float and do our back stroke. The other lesson we learnt,was with a life jacket. It is the fist thing you need if your on a boat. They tort us how to make huddle to keep warm and how to make a chain. At the end of the lessons we had we all had fun!!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Eiffel Tower

"Hooray' the class  yelled with excitement . We were doing art. "Its been a long time since the last time we were doing art" I whisper to Andrew. ' I know' he replied back. We had to do the Eiffel Tower out of sticks, clue and glitter. It was fun. You had to really focus. But at the end it looked cool.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


                                                My story

"Ouch ouch " I yelled jumping up and down.It was like the ground was like an oven under my little.We were so excited. Andrew,Carol and me were buddy's. We were a great team. We were going to play a French game called Escargot. It was so fun but so tiring. 

                                    How to play the game

  • Escargot is one of the traditional European children’s games from which American hopscotch draws inspiration. Instead of a linear diagram, French children draw the board in the shape of a giant snail, or an "escargot" in French, with 15 to 20 numbered squares leading towards the blank center square. Throughout the game, players must hop on one foot to and from the center square without landing on any drawn lines or opponent’s squares, or they lose a turn and can not claim a box. If they complete the circular journey, however, they get to choose a square to initial as their own exclusive place of rest Instead of throwing pucks or markers. As the game progresses and players claim more territories, the journey to and from the center square becomes more challenging and ends when it is impossible for players to hop to the center square, with the winner claiming the most spaces. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

High jump

What you need to remember... 

  • To do  scissors jump.
  • Straight legs.
  • Jump on the correct side your comfortable with.
  • Have the right attainment.     

Friday, 6 November 2015

How to do shot put

Shot put
On Friday we did shot put.
It was rely easy to do. All you have to do is..... 

  • First put your hand with the ball behind your ear.
  • Next you put your other hand in front of you like a pointer.  
  • Then you lean back to give you more energy.
  • Finally you push off and see how far it goes.  


Wednesday, 28 October 2015


 On Wednesday it was a nice day.  The Sun was shinning bright,the clouds were like candy floss and the birds were sinning. It was a good day for unicycle. Lucky room 5 was first. Yay. We all starred rusty then next thing you know me,Carol and Kimi were super at it. We all were hot and sweaty. But we all had alto of fun doing it with our friends.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Reading eggs

Every sunny week we have been learning about reading eggs. All the class cheers and run to our Chromebook. We love reading eggs it is very fun to do. You can do many things. You have reading levels , your own person you can decorate and you can do reading or do maths.  You even allowed to decorate your own house and also buy stuff.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Min-craft Symposium

     On Tuesday it was a nice,perfect day. The clouds were drifting across
the sky like candy floss and the leaves were blowing on the ground.  Everyone in school were doing presentation for what they do in there class.  

Suddenly room 5 teacher Miss Nicola had a brain shock. We were doing mine craft. All the class cheered.First we picked people to tell us their ideas and to do the presentation. Everyone was mouing. 'That was my idea'. ' No it wasn't' they said. 'Be quiet you old flea bags' road Miss Nicola. We all giggled happily. Then we dragged the tables across the floor and prepared our self.

Suddenly the bell rang. We all pushed and shuffled out the door with Miss Nicola growling us from behind. Then we went to visit all the other class. We skipped to the classes. Me and Andrew talk almost all the way 'Hurry up you chatter box's' she said deeply. Lucky we saw room 17 cause they gave us the idea of reading eggs.

We all dragged our lazy self to class. I really thought everyone's work was interesting. Especially room 17 cause now we do Reading Eggs!!!!!
Now everyone races to there Chromebook to play it.

Reading eggs is really good for kids. It makes us want to read because it is fun. You can get prizes for reading a book and you can decorate yourself. I like Reading Eggs.

Friday, 16 October 2015

The Wasp Hive

On Friday it was a nice sunny lunchtime. But suddenly Ah!! there was a huge hive.

 The kids all sprinted quickly to class.    Eventually Miss Nicola shut the classroom door as the kids 

     can swarming  in screaming. Then we were happily  in class.  Sitting down reading a book.

Better ways to do maths

           On Friday Miss Nicola showed us all the better ways to 

           do maths. There were heaps of different year strategies 

                    for us. It rely helped me and my learning. 

                     It made me  see maths easy and faster.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Earthquake drill

                                  On Thursday we did a earthquake trill.
           It was very interesting. I learnt what to do when it happens. 

              It is easy and fun but scary. All you have to do is  

         Drop,cover and hold and pertect our important parts.                                       
                                      Please use this.

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Train

Last term room 5 made a train with reading strategies written on it.   First we got a lot of white paper and put all our ideas on it  Then we laminated it and made it look colourful   Finale we got to hang it up to show it off to everyone.  I like the train because it helped me with my work and my ideas.